I give because I can, and I can’t.

All Mine to Give
saddest Christmas story ever.

I’m not a fan of crying. Just so you know. But somehow, there are things that are worth crying about. There are times where we need to cry in order to appreciate joy and happiness. All of us have gifts and we don’t even know these gifts. We forget about them, we tend to abuse them and we don’t thank the Lord for them.

(Okay, so why am I crying? Before we dwell on the real subject, let me shout this out: I am very very thankful of what I am today, how I have become and for my loved ones who are always beside me.  )

This may take a moment, before I really get into the subject.

There is something about old movies that keeps me wanting to see them. They are so different to what we have today and I know the major factor is technology but still, there’s something authentic and mysterious about old movies. Their rusty nature has appealed to me so many times: Fiddler on the Roof, Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, Dr. Zhivago, South Pacific, Sound of Music, The Elephant Man, Life is Beautiful are just a few of the titles that have caught my attention…and my heart. Maybe it’s because of the stories they tell. Or maybe it’s the endearing graphics. I don’t know how but I can’t explain it. Call me an old soul in a young body, but there it is.

Jimmy and Robbie
Christmas Day

Okay so you’ve probably guessed it by the pictures alone. I’m talking about a movie! An old one! Old one to be my dad!
Anyhow, this is probably the SADDEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIMES. I know there were wars during Christmas, but you can put them to the BLOODIEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIMES category, and it didn’t even involved fighting much. (see Joyeux Noel, starring Diane Kruger). The title of this movie I’ll be talking about, is found on the first picture actually. ALL MINE TO GIVE. If you check out the British title, it is THE DAY THEY GAVE BABIES AWAY. You can put  two-in-two and come up with the plot itself: On Christmas day, the children were given away. Here’s  how it went (It’s a real story by the way):

A husband and a wife travels to the New Found Land, feeling certain that the place was the land of dreams. America still holds that logo: The American Dream. The year was 1856ish everyone was friendly and neighborly. Soon, they got children: Robbie, Jimmy, Kirk, Anabelle, Elizabeth and Jane.  They were a family, and they were happy. Naturally, the parents have attained “The American Dream”. America is real. Thank you Lord for Columbus.

But tragedy was following up too, as Kirk caught Diphtheria. It was a sad moment of their lives. Not yet the peak of everything.  The other kids had to go away for their safety, leaving Kirk in quarantine. But the bad news didn’t stop there. The father, which was impossible to believe, had been struck by the contagious Diphtheria. After a few days, with the harsh and grueling reality, Robert–the husband and father–died. He didn’t survive. Kirk did.
It was scary now. With Robert gone, how were the rest of the family survive?  Not long after, Typhoid fever took Mamie–the wife and mother–away too, leaving the kids all alone and orphaned. It was a cruel life. The dream was gone, and the nightmare has begun…or maybe a hope.
Robbie, the eldest, was in-charge now. His siblings were his responsibilities. And it was a big responsibility, for a very little boy. He had no other choice. But he can do this, he can do the right thing, because he can’t handle having everything to shoulder on.  They were his. “mine,” he would say, “all mine to give.”

And he did just that. On Christmas day.

I encourage you to watch the movie. I shouldn’t have spoiled you with the plot or anything, but it is a very good movie. Very good indeed….very indeed….. and it has rendered me speechless… because I’m repeating my words….indeed. very much.


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