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The Lock Artist

The Award winning book that has got me to the beginning of boredom to a set of mob violence and lastly, to the undying love.

Miracle Boy
. I’m thinking, Miracle whip. No, I’m being funny. Let’s try it again.
Miracle Boy. WOW. I thought no one can ever have the worst experience as what I’ve read about abused prostitutes or raped women. Or slowly being killed. Or being in prison while being innocent. Or witnessing the death of your loved ones. Or Tortured! Take a pick. It was dead on HORRIBLE. I feel so bad about it now. If I was a neighbor, I could have taken him in and adopted him. Right that instant. Okay, so let’s move on to the next nickname.

Milford Mute. You can probably deduce that he’s deaf too. Nope, he just won’t talk.

The Young Ghost. Aha! Here’s the motion of the book. You see, he was working with the best. He was taught by the best. However, even to reach the ‘best’, you need to have the talent. He did. The Best was named as The Ghost which inclined all of us and the other characters in the book to look at little Mike as the younger version of the hailed The best.

The Kid. Naturally, incredibly dangerous jobs are done by the experts who are also…of age. What I mean is “older”. As in, not a teenager. So when we see little Mike who can’t speak, you call him “the kid”. Can he do this job? Is this a trick? A kid? Yes, we doubt his expertise. But his prior nickname has given him justice, we can’t really say he can’t do the job.

The Boxman is equivalent to The Lock Artist and there we get the title of the book. ‘Boxman’ is someone who open safes. ‘Lock Artist’ call these safes as women, the pretty little mistresses, and dainty ladies.

lock artist

It was an entertaining book. I was hooked. There was like two scenes alternating in chapters. The first scene was about his work as being the boxman. The other scene was immediately after surviving to what we call a traumatizing event for an eight year old. We were jumping scenes here. Slowly, these scenes were combining into one. It’s a very good move though. If Mr. Hamilton provided the scenes consecutively, the book might end up boring. I couldn’t think of a better way of clashing events than this one. So the first scene was where we get the thrill. He was opening safes! He was getting the dollars, living like hell, waiting for the next job. He witnessed a lot murders, robbery, getting caught and murder. I was invisibly sweating because Michael couldn’t open the safe fast enough or the cops were coming. I was shouting myself, “hurry!” and “spin it faster!”. Call me stupid, I knew it seemed useless. Nevertheless, I was rooting for him like I was watching a reality tv show. He was the anti-hero doing all the wrong things to keep everything right. Every time he spun the dials I kept saying any minute now, he’s gonna open it, he has to and my fists curled like white-flesh balls. And when he’s done with his job and went home (and by home, I meant a rest from all the heart-racing, heart-pounding jobs), I pity him as he practiced even more on his locks in case he lost his touch. You would wonder: what had become of him to stoop this lower than he has ever been? To answer it, the other scene shows up.

It was ordinary. His daily life as a teenager boy who refuses to speak was portrayed. His school life. The ‘no friends life’. But look at here, he had the uncanny ability to draw and sketch, leading us to almost the funny tincture of romance. YES, it’s there! Aaah, sweet Amelia . The one good thing in his life. I say, ‘bless her’. Of course it’s impossible to have the best girl so perfect and so wonderful. Mr. Hamilton made sure Michael doesn’t commit any suicide, since he had Amelia to look forward too. The reader is reassured that Michael will cross mountains and oceans before saying ‘all bets are off’. It was the best card Mr. Hamilton had on his sleeve, The Amelia Card.

I can’t point to you what really happened. I refuse to. And I won’t budge. It’s too incredible and sometimes mundane to just say it here. I would make a sputtering ninny talking about pins and tools and safes and locks. What you’ll hear from me is the romance between the unlikely duo, and the cute ways on how they got their selves attached and thoroughly devoted to one another. So I’ll spare you my over-the-top reactions.

The book is engaging and also fast paced. It is beautifully written, aimed for the late teens. It isn’t a heavy read unlike “Gone Girl”. It isn’t also sweet and naive like other YA books. It is the perfect combination of a subtle thriller and a cute romance. The blood and the gore are always there to remind you of such. Nevertheless I say cute because Michael gave up everything NORMAL just to make sure his AMELIA is always safe. The life he went through was enough to say his love was at most, to swoon at. It is what all girls dream about. His love was unconditional and down right incredible. I know I’m being sloppy here but forgive a girl who wants a little romance despite the adrenalin of it all!

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