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Bridgerton Fever

The woman who has thoroughly changed my hobby:

Jullia Quinn
Julia Quinn on Rita Awards

That’s right folks, give her a round of applause! She deserves it! And who better to say such, other than a great fan? ME!

What EXACTLY did she do to me? I suppose I can say it’s everything. She introduced to me a world I can never be in but a world still within reach because of her books. Her funny and wondrous characters, woven from her fingers, have brought delight and laughter to a person one can compare to a hectic office worker.  It’s a thrilling change of the everyday life. It’s something to giggle and smile and to think about, aside from work. It’s a stress reliever. Her books kept me up almost every night. Ironic but I find reading as restful as sleeping.

Let’s drive to the point already, shall we? What I love most of her books is the series: The Bridgerton series. Nothing of the ordinary and bathed with aristocracy, the Bridgerton family was the best fictional creation miss Quinn has ever wrote about. Dashing and debonair, elegant and smart, pretty and loving. The Bridgertons are not one to fight with. They are a force to be reckoned. They are to be feared and more openly admired. Everybody wants to be them; everybody wants to be a part of them; everybody wants them. Irresistible as it may seem, they live quite like the other aristocrats in their circle: attend parties, hold parties, accept invitations, go on musicals, and other things blue bloods do. Heck, they’re normal. But the normalcy is often questioned. Miss Quinn pointed out that not all titled men and titled women get to be happy. Rich, yes. Happy? No. It’s the famous description of their lives: marriage to a good blood to produce a good brood and to continue the old age lineage. It’s the same everywhere. But for the Bridgertons, they seek LOVE.

the family tree

A little confusing to see, the siblings are actually ranked accordingly and respectively by the first letter of their names. We have Anthony, Benedict, Collin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. When you have a lot of kids to remember, it’s pure genius to name them alphabetically. And since everyone is dead set on with the story of each sibling, Let me just go on and describe a little of what I remember about them.

Anthony Bridgerton is a fatherly brother type. He holds the title, he holds the temper so he is the picture of tradition. He makes sure no one of his siblings dishonor the family name. His siblings will follow what he says; no questions asked.  He will do whatever it takes to keep the name up and above the clouds.  Respectability and Honor is his signature. So aside from looking out of his family, he needs to start one of his own. It is his duty to keep the Bridgerton blood running for generations and generations. He is compelled to marry a woman of great quality in the bounds of family and personality. He doesn’t need love to do his duty. And yet, he finds it.

Anthony is nothing but scary. Attitude wise, he’s much impossible to be around. Unless, you’re a very very very close friend of his. Otherwise, move farther away. The past has him growing up pretty much early and therefore the very essence of maturity. Despite it all, he is affectionately devoted to his family. He tends well to his mother and his siblings. Although he may seem a man difficult to deal with, he loves his family so much he scolds them most often than not. Hence, the fatherly type. But as monstrous as he looks, he also wants his siblings to be happy. But the process has got be in a traditional way. His obligations has prompted him to look at things in a larger scale; molded him to what he is. That’s why his decisions are not trifled nor questioned. Fought at, yes, but in the long run, followed. He demands because he knows he is right, and because he is seeking for the welfare of his family.

So when love came its way to his heart, he was out-balanced. It was something he can’t control, nor rule over. He was walking on a thin line between destruction and happily ever after. Self-destruction to be precise. But as you all know, he did attain the most coveted of all: LOVE AND JOY. Married on circumstances not to his liking, he wasn’t himself at first. He changed a little bit. But for the better.

Benedict Bridgerton is the second son. It’s what people know of him. A spare. Anthony’s tail. He adored Anthony because he was a cut above the rest. Benedict bows down to Anthony but does not want to be him too. In short, Benedict is  just another Bridgerton. But what everyone doesn’t know is his passion for the arts; sketching and drawing and painting. Well, a Bridgerton seeking love too. He believes in true love. He wants to have someone who sees him as someone different, and not just someone belonging to a sterling clan. He wants to be different and to be described for who he really is, deep inside. He loves his family, truly, and will do anything for them.

It has been ingrained to him by his mother to search for a woman who could be with him and he wishes that of all things. His mother has provided list and bountiful of lists of the potential girls to wed. But he was searching an entirely different kind too. He did not want someone pluck from a society he knew all his life as a theatre. Like himself, he wanted someone untainted by the ton albeit still part of it. He needs a woman who needs him. He wants to be needed. He wants someone to share his life, his love of arts.  Lo and behold, someone does! And what a stir for Benedict!

Unlike his elder brother, he’s not into ranking. Because he’s just a second son, it didn’t quite push him to wed someone of nobility or a blood of blue. Much to his dismay, the girl of his dreams was farther down the pipe. Someone unfit for him. His conflicting emotions has made him choose between tradition and love. But love is the description of Benedict. He didn’t let his rank stop him from marrying the woman bound to be thrashed and harassed by the ton. And when the ton does, he will make sure he is there between them and his wife. Protecting her, cherishing her and loving her is his first priority and choice. The best choice.

Colin Bridgerton is a man of adventure and charm. A man who thrills and thrives not in the usual place and usual people to mingle with, but outside the boundary of comforts and out of the country. A man of overly huge appetite, everyone wants to see him married. Mothers flock and run to cease him and to introduce him to their daughters. It has been that way for all his grown up years. Besides his famous flirty looks, he doesn’t want to be called a charmer of ladies. He wanted an experience not anyone can do. To make things precise, he wanted out. And so, he traveled. An explorer he  became, roughly explaining the adventure of the lifetime.

But like everyone, a man is never away from home. Colin, at home, is every sister’s best friend. Not used to fits of anger like Benedict and Anthony, he was easier to talk to. He makes funny jokes, listens a lot and gives advices too. Often, gives advices. He is the picture of calm. Anger has never been his strongest point. But when he gets angry, he shows it in obscurity. In occasion, he leaves; he makes a joke out of it; he eats and eats. Evasive as he can be about his needs, he is more particular to the needs and happiness of his family. He solves issues with his witty and labyrinth-like remarks and soft scolding.

Love came to him slowly but surely. He doesn’t understand it. Of familial love, of course he teases a lot. But love between a man and a woman? It’s a question he can’t answer himself. He doesn’t see it but he feels it. How? Amazingly, for a man slow to anger, a certain woman has drawn him such emotion. He couldn’t believe himself –was never accustomed — to carry an anger he couldn’t keep inside. When furious, he doesn’t try to hide it to her. He lets her witness it. He isn’t the charming self that the ton knows about. Colin became someone not himself. Or more likely, to his judgement, he stopped acting like a happy-go-lucky type; the type he wanted everyone to see. And once he knew how it came about and to whom his anger is directed,  he decided to take it then and there. No more rocky roads. No more hesitation. The woman has been in his life all along, and due to his playacting; great dislike of the ton; and his travel to exotic places, love has swerve its way out of his. But as love found him again, he wasn’t about to go exploring the world; he was going to start a new adventure with his wife; the love of his life.

Daphne Bridgerton is the eldest daughter of the bunch and a failure when it comes to arithmetic but confines in the idea of being ‘always right’. She is closest to the brothers(closer to Colin, since Benedict beheaded her favorite doll) and therefore claims herself to be an expert on men in general. Because of this presumption, she is immune to rakish pursuits or flowery flattery.  A mother hen of her own, her nature was to have her own family. Wishing a little for solitude, she loves the fact of having her own brood in the future. She just needed the right guy; the right man. Luckily for her, she didn’t need to look far.

Witty and also charismatic, She doesn’t break hearts as much as she has been courted. Becoming like her brothers has her staying by the corner and criticizing about the people prancing on the dance floor. But when she love, she loves wholeheartedly. She is not easily deterred and has a conspiratorial determination glued in her. She sets out her goals and never fails to achieve them. When it came to the time of helping her husband fight his demons, she was there on his side guiding him along.   Loving him and healing him.

Eloise Bridgerton loves to talk and talk. She won’t drop an excruciating subject unless it is being talked about or being resolved.  And she loves to shoot which irks her brothers even more.

Eloise is said to be lovelier than Daphne as she receives a lot of suitors but ends up turning the lot down. She is very particular when getting the perfect man and is not obscenely afraid to be called a spinster. She doesn’t like the men of the ton. Hardly any of them sees her beyond her beauty or her name. Every time she looks at them and painstakingly see herself leg-shackled to any of them, she chills. She sees a vast amount of boredom. She sees contentment, not joy and she does not settle for less.

But when her friend got married, her world revolves quickly. She notices her ugly hatred of being left out, of having no one to love. She doesn’t want to be alone. she was afraid to be on her own. When the realization kicks in, like Colin, she decides to give her life a little shake and finds the man of her life.

Her privy sort and her kind nature has save both souls: hers and a man she continually writes to. Now this man is an exception to her. This man was grieving and mourning but not anymore. While he is far from the influences of the ton, Eloise feels a certain connection between them; a kindred soul. She was afraid a little, but her fear of a solitary life has led her to become bold and daring; traits she acquired most recently. Her conquest for companionship has led her to reach the thing she ached to have: LOVE.

Francesca Bridgerton most certainly is the mysterious type. Her beauty quite like Eloise, she is famous with the ton; loyal and faithful to the utmost. Friendly and a little bit a flirt, she was happily married until her husband died and her child still in her womb, died. The momentous and sorrowful event has changed her to become somewhat serious, lonely and indecisive. Her love of children has multiplied exponentially across the years as she concluded that babies could mend her beaten heart. Her soul slowly shapes her obviously different personality amongst all the siblings. Although she loves her family dearly, there is no greater indication to her close attachment to any of them, there by putting on the air of an independent woman.

Her faithfulness to her late husband has tormented her time and again, and it has duly hidden her emotions of ever having the chance to love again. To Francesca, to love someone as much as she loved her dead husband was a wishful thinking. She didn’t want to experience it all over again. The pain weakened her. She cannot survive it. And so when things get optimistic and positive for her, she flees. She thinks that every uphill has a deep and dark downhill. She scurries away thinking ahead to save herself from another heartbreak. Her indecision fuels the urge to leave and doesn’t event think twice.

But the heart could not be controlled, as love comes to her with a powerful perseverance. Slowly and surely, she lets go, and soon discovers her ability to love once more.

To the personalities of miss Hyacinth Bridgerton and Gregory Bridgerton , I will just have to save it for another post. 🙂


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