Imagine Dragons: The next BIG THING.

You get to hear the song  “On Top of the World”  on commercials like Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and the new Toyota Vios. Very big time events like FIFA 2013 has that on soundtrack. Next, we find it on the video game PES 2013. The movie “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” does keep up with the latest and used the song too.

Can things get any better for Imagine Dragons? I mean seriously, They have become a huge hit since I don’t know when but I do know it was just recently. I myself have heard the song “It’s Time” on Youtube with 34,484,693 views. Awesome. Well it’s about time their presence is to be recognized. I especially love their album Night Visions.

Night Visions
The Words trailer includes “Demons” song

It’s not to be a shock since the songs are really good. “Radioactive” and “Demons” have become my all time favorite and it’s not because I’ve heard the former from the movie “The Host” which was pretty much a failure if I may say so. Saoirse Ronan couldn’t save it even with her incredible acting. But the movie “The Words”? It was fantastic. The trailer had my hair raised up especially when they played the song “Demons”. If you haven’t seen it, you have to do it now.

The Host

Okay enough about films. So how did I find my way into Imagine Dragon’s music? It was all thanks to One Republic actually, another distinguished and famous band. I was listening to their music on youtube when I noticed the ‘suggestions’ on the right side and there goes “It’s Time”. Waaaay nice. Especially on the trailer you see of the “Explorer 125 – National Geographic Channel” on Foxtel. NGC is absolutely the best. Eventually the song was also used by Glee but I wasn’t happy about it. Sure, sure, it’s gonna boost some audience but anyway that’s me. Don’t mind me at all. So people let’s focus on the good part. Last February, upon changing channels, I heard the song “Radioactive” again in National Geographic Channel. That’s how awesome it is. The impact of the song can bring that much reality and entertainment to the viewers. We don’t listen to silly words. And of course, let’s not forget Assassin’s Creed III trailer.

Inside Combat Rescue trailer features ‘Radioactive’

What I love about their music is the distinct lyric-individuality. They’re not talking about a guy courting a girl, or how he couldn’t live without her, or how the girl cried because her crush has found someone else. Cliche to the extend, those kind of songs. And what else? Oh yes, they’re not much on self-degradation or ‘i hate the world’ kind of crap like other raps and rocks. Not even a sexy song about shaking your booty or booby. It’s a field actually like One Republic. A new field and a new phase. The meaning is deeper. It’s like putting the puzzle pieces together. The kind of art their composing is a whole different and for that I respect them very much. I’ve been listening to their songs non-stop and I’m sure rooting for their success.

Imagine Dragons

They are a creative bunch and you should start listening to their songs. It’s a refreshing and new. It can sink inside you and let you reflect on your life too. If you’ll let it. 🙂


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