10 Things About Having an Odd Name

There are plenty of perks people with odd names share. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we’re stuck with our names unless you’re the Pope or you have the money to change your birth certificate! And if you’re like me with a weird name, then high five to you! You might have experience what I had, have and will go through.

1) People will know you before you know them.
I usually feel guilty especially when someone speaks about someone who mentioned my name. It went like: “Hey, do you know Mr. Smith? He was asking if we were related.” And I was like: “Really? I don’t know the guy. I’m not even familiar of his name.”

2.) Your name is famous. You, as a person, are not.
This is actually related to #1 but the thing is…. that person who mentioned my name doesn’t actually know me. No background of me. Same goes to other people. While we search about movie stars to get to know them, these guys are content with knowing my name, and not the carrier of the name.

3.) Your name is a conversation starter. They will want to know the story behind it.
Sometimes I like to record ‘the story’ just to play it back every time a new person asks me about my name. If before I tell the story with great gusto and much exaggeration, I shorten it now. As in a one liner kind.

4.)  They will tell other people about your weird name.
And ONLY your name. That’s it.

5.) The people you don’t usually converse with, will say your name with a distinction.
Don’t ask me why people tend to change the tone of their voice or the emphasis of the syllable of my name whenever we just happen to pass each other. I am forced to acknowledge and react in the same way. But ‘forced’ is an uncomplimentary word, let us just say, ‘obliged’.

6.) They will make fun of your name.
As much as I try control my temper, there are just a few people who will joke about my name. Oh how artistic these people are, when it comes to the expense of others.

7.) People will always ask confirmation from you if you’ve written/stated your name correctly.
I get this all the time especially on government  transactions. I fill up the forms, pass it to any government representative and will look at me like someone who needs to go back to school.

8.) People will notice you quickly.
I mean in a pool of commons, I probably stand out. That’s only because of my name.

9.) People will ask you what you’ll name your child.
They will expect something way difficult and unique than what I have now. Like duh, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.

10.) You are hard to forget.
This is related to #1 and #2. Because I have a name unlike any other, they will always remember me as the girl with an unusual name. Even when I’m gone. SAY MY NAME!

How about you? What have you experienced?


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