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The Last Child

I’m in to kids right now.

Sometimes I read a book without doing any research. John Hart was unknown to me. The blurb was good so I decided to read his book. So without knowing Mr. Hart’s style of writing or his usual plots and genre, I was ready to read some mythical stuff or a mystery unexplained. And it wasn’t. It was about bravery and determination of a boy who sought to find his twin.

I don’t know what to say (not true!). I was in a thrilling ride. Not a roller coaster, because it’s not something I’d like to say as fun. It was something else. Evil was lurking everywhere in this book. But hope was a radiant light, seeping in through thick curtains. It was unbelievable. The chase of it all, checking who’s who, getting beaten by a kid (police-wise) was heart-racing. My eyes were skipping to every conversation, running left and right, up and down. Fast-paced and emotionally open, I was somehow dragged to a world of dirt and thrown to disgust. It was broken promises and edgy lies. It was a figure of living life day by day; every single worse day. I don’t know if he could make it until the end.

‘He’ here is a little boy; A boy who doesn’t know how to give up. He doesn’t know surrender. Battered and bruised, he remained sharp to get to his goal. He was a very strong boy facing the problems piling up one moment at a time. He grew older for his age. 
It was a gradual recognition that kids could be adults in a single snap or in a one beat of a heart. When nature calls for it, a child stops becoming a child. The beastly instinct comes out and goes survival mode. The best part is, Johnny wasn’t just surviving. He was doing a whole lot more.

I just….you know, speechless. Every page was leading to another destructive and freaky direction and all the while, the answer to the disappearance of Alyssa was right under their noses. But it was exactly alright, because here we thought, God doesn’t hear us. We thought God leaves us when we’re down. But I guess, the point here, for Mr. Hart, is God gave Johnny the strength. God made him courageous, he gave him perseverance. Johnny uncovered a chain-like crime. It was of different purpose. He just wanted to find his sister. But, like what Hunt said, there’s a reason for everything. Johnny was God’s gift to the departed. Johnny doesn’t know it yet. He only has one thing in mind. And having one thing in mind, he becomes the unlikely hero. He opened up a light, especially for his friend Jack.

Jack, poor boy. It was really easy to pull him out of the grid. He was the surprise, most of all. I came out of a shock. It was a shock. The twist and turns were very much twisted. It was amazing. Mr. Hart created the perfect embodiment of acting and guilt. And now we see how guilt can eat us alive, how it breaks us down into wimps. We can’t keep secrets. Those deep and dark ones, those which could change us to someone else entirely.

And in the end it was all working out. To think that death has brought a new beginning. John Hart portrayed the mysterious ways of God. It was his way of unraveling truth that not all prayers are acted out the way we wanted them to be. He answers prayers in a manner not known to us. And because we don’t know it, we think He doesn’t care. But he doesn’t merely answer a prayer. God has planned something even better. He is grandiose. He provides us a solution to our problem, a thousand fold.

Johnny didn’t see it yet because all he saw was suffering and beating. Maybe it was supposed to be that way, to make him the way he needed to be. Johnny must be strong enough to face a deadly encounter. Johnny had to have the right state of mind to find his sister. And when God saw him prepared to do ‘battle’, God provided him the way.

While I may not be fond of Johnny’s mother Katherine, who just wasted away, everything seems non-fictional. And fiction becoming non-fiction is a way to my heart..and to the number of stars I rate

It was the ending I didn’t hope for, but all the same was better. John Hart made sure of it. I love it.

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