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The Storyteller

This is not about Jodi Picoult’s book. I can only guess it to be beyond wonderful. So let us establish the right cover:
That’s more like it! You might think, ‘oh a fairytale‘. The rose effect could be a bit like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I’ll give you another hint: The Storyteller and Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma are somewhat similar, but also different. If you don’t get the idea…….. it’s probably for the best.

Where was I? Of course, Antonia Michaelis. Dear Miss Michaelis, this book has put me in the most aggravating position! I cannot concentrate on my studies! Its edgy and unpredictable (although kind of predictable in one way) aura can be quite attention-grabbing. I was drowned and drawn in the story. In the end I became rotten, mad, shocked, confused, disappointed, tearful etcetera etcetera! I cannot just let you read blindly so here’s the big bomb: Someone dies. Oops.

 I didn’t like the ending even if the concept is nearer to reality for *spoiler* Abel to kill himself. If I had a sh*tty life…. no, I would rather not welcome the circumstance. Who wouldn’t want a happy ending? When it comes to very sad stories I make my own ending. I know my ending sucks, but it’s the way I want it. So here was what will happen in my own version: Anna invited Abel to her home. Abel and Micha were accepted, both of them got married, got children, got old, and died together. One sloppy happy family.

Back to the pages: Pretty girl Anna finds herself attracted to this mysterious guy who likes to be left alone. Stubborn Anna does the otherwise. But Abel’s deep and dark secret is best to stay as it is, a secret. His means of earning and the opportunity for wealth is quite.. unsavory. Don’t get me wrong but when you get pass the… despicable and explicit feeling, you will find his methods practical. Not all of us can do things the cleanest way, the safest way. If life pushes you to the limit, you raise the bar a little higher; you toughen up, thicken your skin, harden the heart, and dive into the dirt.  Abel can do that because he’s not living for himself but for his sister Micha. He is more a father than a brother. A guardian of Micha’s happy-ever-after world, he is willing to do anything. No one needs to know. He doesn’t need to explain himself to anyone. Good thing for him, Anna’s not the demanding type. She is good for Abel. If it’s vice versa… you be the judge and the jury.

You have to hand it to the author, she lets misery come in twos; very big twos. The last one is murder in the equation. Everything is spiraling down. It was very clear: Abel was the killer. Who did he kill? Why did he kill? I myself had keep on denying until the truth is unraveled. He had a reason to commit the crime. He was being threatened. A man backed in the corner can only respond in one way: violence.

If I were Anna, whatever Abel has done, I will still feel the same way. Love is forgiving and understanding. Not all teenagers mire that concept.

It was a beautiful book, very well-written, story-spun. I’m sad for Micha, but in the end, she gets a family. Are the means justified?

4 stars, because it was beautiful;
4 stars, because I was still hoping for a Walt Disney effect, and it never happened;
4 stars, because I would read it again;
4 Stars, because I liked Abel;
4 Stars, because Abel ceased to exist, even in this book.

Taken from my review


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