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Defending Jacob

In 2 words: Intense grief.I dread the day I will have my own son.

Andy was a great father. There is nothing wrong about loving your own son, unless you become blinded by the signs. Andy did not doubt his son, Jacob, was innocent. But DOUBT holds a power to unveiling the truth. It makes us all open to bigger possibilities, different choices, creative theories, and greater endings. The list is endless.  It is in fact an ingredient, a chemical induced to mess with our brain. Doubt, leaves no rock unturned. That’s a lot of rocks, you might say. However, there weren’t many. There were.. what? two? If only Andy opened his mind, doubted his son’s innocence, he could have figured out what to do. Alas, there wouldn’t be great story if he did doubted. So let’s not go there.

Was Jacob really a murder? We find out that Andy was suspected to have the bad genes. This study of genetic behavior could be the reason why Jacob was what he was. If everyone believes on this theory, Jacob is not at fault but of the father. This could be a mistrial of some sort, like, oops, you missed a spot. Jacob couldn’t help being a murderer, he inherited the crime-filled genes! The science says it all. And Andy? Well, he was a man who can’t be moved, a man who could not be convinced. Even if the psycho babble was true, Andy was a father who would look away. He did not carry such…genes. Jacob has no killer bone in him. His son was innocent!

Poor poor poor, Andy. Poor guy.  Let us not begrudge him for the one good thing he wanted: to forget. He wanted to forget who he WAS and focus on what he is and what he can do for his family. Leaving the past was the best thing to do. He was as good as everyone gets. He was the best. However, the past caught up and haunted them.

Laurie, the wife and mother, also blamed herself. Motherly instincts cannot be categorized neither unreliable nor silly. What can a mother do in this situation?  You can’t choose your own child. You can however structure him/her into a person you’d like them to be. To nurture the nature of the child is a hot case. What if the kid’s nature is murder, whatever molder you use?

So there you go! Do you think Jacob is guilty? Make your own assumptions. Be the bullied for once. Be the father and the mother to this kind of child. be the killer, the victim…. be Jacob?
Taken from my review


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