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I Hunt Killers

It is never good to read a book… if the sequels aren’t out yet. This was how I reacted for the first book: I Hunt Killers.

WHY DID I READ THIS?  Look where it’s got me: hanging! No sequels yet! Aaarrggh! I should have waited,or read this next year! But I just couldn’t wait. Me and my impatience.

I’ll list down all the things that has been upsetting me. One: I don’t like Jasper. Not one bit. Not for a long shot. He acts like he knows everything like a serial killer expert, and what’s more irritating is the fact that he’s right. Arrgh. Sometimes, when a teenager acts like an adult it just reflects the real age: a stupid idealistic teenager. I know I know, I have to consider his childhood and the possibility *spoiler alert* of him killing his own mother under the manipulation of his father. It’s sick and wicked. It’s a plot and it’s intriguing. He’s pathetic with all his self-pity. I’m with Connie on this.He thinks he’s a puppet master and strings everyone to do his bidding. He interprets his every move as some sociopath tactic to get what he wants. He’s brain is twisted and I just want to untwist it and tell him to grow up. And there lies a problem: he already has.

Two: Howie has hemophilia! I can’t fathom how useless he can be in times of great need but Jazz made him useful and lets Howie be surprising at every turn. Bros before hoes ha! I always think Howie deserves a friend who provides him safety. Pretty much the only danger he could ever be allowed to have is being near Jazz. We all want an adventure and thrill and this one–sticking with Jazz while checking out the crime scene–is an extent too much. I feel sorry for him but in a way happy; at least he won’t feel sorry for himself.

Three: Gee William! I hate it when he can’t figure it out on his own. He’s suppose to be cop; the one who brought down Billy; the one with the legal training, unlike Jazz himself. And now, he seeks the help of a hero-wannabe and what’s more, a kid. He knew what the serial killer will do next. Wasn’t he checking up on Billy’s files? Or was he making his work easier? But I can’t judge him as such because I won’t be the one seeing bodies and solving crimes. I need to keep my smart mouth shut.

Four: Billy fanatics. I can’t think how many crazies are in the world! A website for this psycho killer? Puhhlease!

Five: I don’t understand the fingers. A belt of the trophy fingers. Gross.

And with all the list of my disappointments, these are the ones that trigger me to finishing it. The plot was cool. I admit. Not totally original (I think) but cool. The characters were believable; You struggle to understand how Jazz drowns himself to being the next killer but hey, you haven’t lived his life. You find his girlfriend really charming who he thinks is safe because of the color of her skin. That’s a first for me. You see G. Williams trying his best to keep Jazz straight from being his dad. And Howie being such a good friend because he truly is and it’s authentic and heartwarming at the same time. You feel like killing someone just out of irritation but deciding against it to save your sanity. You want to dig up some old mysteries on how Billy became who he is, how such a woman bore him and fed him to life; a person who ends lives in a gruesome, hair-raising and evil way. You can’t find anything wrong of loving the one who’s been there all your life but was totally teaching you the wrong stuff and you can’t know that because you were just a kid and your aim in life was to impress your good old dad.

I’m spluttering spoilers and it’s not good! But it’s that good because I can’t stop telling you what happened and I’m trying to tell you why you need to read it. Believe me, it doesn’t count as some thriller for a New York Time’s bestseller but for a mature young adult theme, it hits a great 5 stars.

Now I’m hating myself because I’ll forever be puzzled on what’s gonna happen next and I know it won’t be sooner but later. Much much later. >.<

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