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Blood of my Blood

The title hits bulls eye. We weren’t fooled as what other books do.

If ANYBODY COMPLAINS about the action-packed, fast-paced, knife-wielding, family-feud story, I will BILLY YOU!
That sounds funny.

Jasper Dent just had a character-shift: from mr-know-it-all teenager, into a “Jason Bourne” mania. This should count as a fault because Jazz’s character is not consistent. Now we see a different ‘Jazz’ playing on. He grew up too fast, although the circumstance had pushed him into becoming who he is in the 3rd book. But maybe this kind of Jazz is what we were waiting for. *spoiler* WITH BOTH PARENTS MURDERERS? He’s got to act like his parents anytime soon! This brand of Jazz is the real one, not the Jazz of the 2 previous books.  

All the same I want the characters to be real. Characters are so important to me, that’s why I only gave this book 4 stars. It could have been a 5, but no, I’m not backing out on my principle of “character-should-feel-like-real-people” thing. Hey! What a coincidence, Jasper tries to think the same way too! PEOPLE ARE REAL.

What’s great about this book?
Though I’ve said my share on Jasper’s SUDDEN adrenaline rush, it was a fantastic read! Jasper’s outer shell just cracked full. His journey from New York to Lobo’s Nod was definitely one of the highlights for me. *spoiler* “Officer DOWN! Officer DOWN!” I just loved this part! I felt so involved in his hospital escape! Clues after clues keep stacking up and everything was making sense. But the clue was actually said OUT LOUD. And plenty of times! That one very important clue was his Grandma! *spoiler* Grandma hating Jazz’s mother? It was for a reason! Duh! She was the bad influence! Billy was just.. Billy. We should never neglect any detail, that’s for sure! As the saying goes, Behind every great man, is a woman.

I never believed (well, ALMOST BELIEVED) the Aunt was very very important. The author just about had us spinning on this lie from the 2nd book until half of the 3rd book. I knew there was something wrong going on and dear readers, we needed to think wrong!

If we didn’t… the fun would be over. Soooooo, I liked the misconception concocted by none other than the kids themselves, Connie and Howie. It made us understand that the kids were mistaken and it was alright, because they were kids! They should be in the ‘wrong’, after all the rules they break, the promises they said to their loving parents.

Then comes the thrilling conclusion. *spoiler* A very ancient network of murderers? A group of killing machines? That’s something! How do you take down a whole community of trained serial killers? Oh I was shocked for a minute and I told myself, “plausible idea.”
We can’t get the entire gist of Billy’s life. We don’t need to find a reason of Billy being Billy! Of course I wanted to ask those HOW and WHY questions (like, why did he want to kill?). But after finishing this book, it didn’t matter because it was all about Jasper not Billy. Jasper was the focus. Jasper didn’t want to understand, he just wanted it to end. Even if I WANTED TO, it would be meaningless. History is purely for those who are stuck in the past. The only information important for us, dear readers is that Billy loved his son, saved his son; and Billy was not a pawn. or a rook, or a bishop. He was actually a QUEEN! Not GAY, but he was definitely the queen piece in a chess. So. If he’s the queen, who’s the king?

I just LOVE the ending. Nothing get’s more twisted than the ending. Oh, I was thinking of Gone Girl just for a sec, and back to this ending. Quite frankly, it’s better to die than to live a paralyzed life. If you get the drift, then you will like this one.

Taken from my review.

P.S. Take a look at my review of the first book, I Hunt Killers and the second book, Game.


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