Summary of History Channel’s Vikings

February 18 is soooo far away!

I’m freaking out!

I’m trying to keep my cool, trying to act calm, trying to look like nothing special will happen.

>.< Nah, who am I kidding! I’m not that good of an actor! I’ll squeal and squeak to my heart’s content!

While we wait for that awaited SEASON 4, let’s warm up and recall what had happen to the last 3 seasons of the Vikings. To those who has yet to see the series, you have to start now! I promise to give a very brief summary! I’ll tickle your curiosity enough for you to watch it.

P.S. When you read a sentence with a “*” preceding it, that’s not part of the story.


Vikings, on summer, plunder and kill and steal riches. They do not fear death. They believe that dying in battle will assure their entrance to Valhalla, for in Valhalla they can eat and drink and make merry with their dead loved ones. They aim to please their gods with their prowess in fighting, for only the best fighters are worthy to walk on the great hall. *Vikings are dirty and unruly!

Meet Ragnar Lothbrok; a father, a husband, a farmer, a raider, a warrior. His interest for knowledge and the unknown is what sets him apart from other vikings. He wants to explore more lands and learn more than what life has offered him. With his brother Rollo and his boat builder friend Floki, Ragnar convincingly gathers up a few vikings to join him on his journey to the West, without the Earl’s permission.

After drifting along the waters, the vikings finally arrives on land, which is actually a place of God: a monastery. They cautiously begin plundering and pillaging. One monk, Athelstan, is saved by Ragnar, after speaking a few words of the viking’s native language. Upon returning home, Ragnar doesn’t waste time and immediately learns more of England from the well-traveled monk.

On Ragnar’s 2nd raid to the west, an altercation fueled more of the Earl’s anger. The Earl sets out to kill Ragnar; Ragnar survives; Ragnar wants a fair solo combat with the Earl; The Earl agrees; The Earl dies; Ragnar becomes the new Earl.

*Finally, Ragnar can travel the West with no more problems!

But being an earl also presents new problems. Although he loves his wife Lagertha, he had sex with another woman. *Damn you Ragnar!!!! Lagertha is one bad-ass shield maiden and you just replaced her with a… woman with looong legs?? She isn’t even pretty!

Rollo who at first wanted to be an equal to his brother, had satisfied himself with being just a warrior under Ragnar. Seduction of the power to be a ruler has Rollo agreeing to fight against Ragnar. *Shame on you Rollo!


Season 2 starts with a battle between brothers. However, after facing one another, Rollo drops his axe and with that, the end of the fight. The brothers returns home and judgement is to be made of Rollo’s betrayal. Luckily for his willingness to stop the fight, his life is spared although he will never be welcome again in Ragnar’s life.

With battles on their own land finished, Earl Ragnar sets again to raid the West. This time, it will be another area of England. And this time, Athelstan, who became a slave and then Ragnar’s confidant, joins in.

Back at their home in Kattegat, another hand comes in to seize the territory of Earl Ragnar. His family, aided by Rollo, runs away for safety. A  boat travels to England in order to inform Earl Ragnar of the situation. Ragnar decides to go back home while Athelstan wants to be left behind.

Ragnar successfully rescues his family and retrieves Kattegat with the help of his ex-wife Lagertha, already an Earl, and their son Bjorn, who has grown tremendously. *kyaaaaa, Alexander Ludwig!

Not long after, vikings who were in England comes home bearing bad news. King Horik of Denmark wants revenge. They travel back to Wessex only to find themselves defeated. But a bargain is to be struct. ‘Lo and behold, Athelstan is alive! But Rollo was badly beaten from the defeat so Earl Ragnar decides to go back home along with the other leaders.

Now King Horik sees Earl Ragnar as a threat to his power. King Horik believes that with the help of Floki, Earl Ragnar can be defeated. However, Floki is loyal to the end, making the assassination a failure. Ragnar kills the traitor and becomes ultimately the new King of Denmark.

*I totally love this scene. He looks so… kingly.


*Bromance is about to get steamy!!!

It’s time to fulfill the bargain. It’s time for another chat with a King in England, King Ecbert. *of course not king OF England.

For the new alliance to work, the Kings should give and take. King Ecbert will allow viking settlers on his land if King Ragnar will help on taking back the kingdom of Mercia. Ragnar agrees. Earl Lagertha will be with King Ecbert and Bjorn along with his wife, will be with his father.

Floki, however, does not see any reason why they need to fight for these ‘Christians’. He believes that the gods will curse them and spite them for defending a land not their own. He extremely dislikes Athelstan. *Obviously, since Ragnar keeps talking with Athelstan and not with Floki.

After winning Mercia and knowing that the viking farmers all settled, King Ragnar comes home to his wife Aslaug and his children. Much to Floki’s dismay, Athelstan and King Ragnar further talks about Paris, thereby solidifying even more of their friendship. But after being held captive for so long in England, Athelstan has finally found his faith back.

And… Floki did what he thought is beneficial to everyone. *This episode was one of my all time favorite scenes, as in super duper!!! BROMANCE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL and I an NOT going to share more about it!

Anway, King Ragnar proceeds on attacking Paris. He gives all the leaders a chance to plan, leaving Floki as the overall leader. One by one, each of their tactics fail. King Ragnar takes a stand and discusses with the King of France’s representative to settle things smoothly.

As King Ragnar’s health slowly declines, he asks for his funeral to be dealt in a Christian way. When his death finally arrives, he is given a Christian mass inside the walls of Paris, in their church.

Suddenly the coffin bursts open and King Ragnar takes the princess as a hostage! Slyly he walks back to the gates, letting his fellow vikings enter Paris without any problems at all.

Although with the win of a section in Paris, Ragnar’s health is truthfully still declining. Half of the vikings went home along with King Ragnar but Rollo stays to secure that their people in Paris will not be attacked helplessly.

With some of King Ragnar’s forces gone, King of France ties a pact with Rollo. The king promises Rollo power, title, land and marriage of his daughter if Rollo will protect the Parisians against his brother. Once again, Rollo agrees.


And so my friends!! ARE YOU READY FOR SEASON 4??? ARE YOU READY  TO WATCH SEASON 1-3? I’m not a good storyteller but I hope the pictures helps with the imagination. So do me a favor… let’s put some Vikings LOVE!!!!!!!!

Until next time, Skål!!!


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