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Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #2)

If you’ve missed my oh so short review of the first book, you can read it here.

Let me go crazy about the 2nd book:

So you’ve got here an introduction of the characters. Here’s my little insight about them:
Emma – The strong-willed child who does not give up. Synonymous to her powers, her temper fires up and her optimism burns unlike the other kids.
Bronwyn – Quite opposite of her prowess in strength, she’s most of the time the mother hen.
Jacob – Oh I don’t see him as the main of all main characters. He’s the narrator, sure but his existence for me was like little to nothing at all. Aside from side comments about his phone which I’m sure speaks his feelings about the world of the peculiars.
Millard – smart, academic, a thinker. He usually finds ways in the most peculiar way
Horace, Enoch, Hugh – I swear, I’m confused about their personalities. I can’t remember who’s the sarcastic one, who’s the pessimist, the narrow-minded, or the neutral one. I just know their powers and that Hugh saved them once. (But this all fall shorts to me though. They just won’t establish a map on my head)

It’s so much improved from the first book! Do not be mistaken NOW for perceiving this as a children’s Stephen King horror story. It’s not about the eerily old photos. They’re just bonuses. They add an element of time where everything that is/was happening on the 18th, 19th, 20th century. (Alright I concede; the creepiness-which-is-totally-not has Tim Burton-ish qualities too impossible to deny)

You might think how shallow the depth of the story is, purely trying to save Miss Peregrine. In my opinion, I think the author wanted us to think that way. That is natural since we follow on the children’s journey to finding Miss Wren. There shouldn’t be anymore explanation about the peculiardom because they are just wards of an Ymbryne. What could they know? But along their travel we get tidbits here and there. They even meet other peculiars with amazing powers hiding along the edge of the loop. (When I say ‘edge’, it only means go camouflage by plastering one’s self on the walls and praying for invisibility.) The mysterious history behind everything is slowly being explained. But every explanation also gives birth to more questions. The loop is never-ending (hey, what do you know, \a similar description of the ‘loop’ in the book).

THAT IS THE TWISTED TRUTH ONCE YOU REACH THE ENDING BY THE WAY. TOTAL SHOCKER. If I were the children, I’d be too mad to be scared about anything. Anger, RED, smoke on my ears and nose; I’m flipping tables here. The exhausting effort and the energy was all for nothing. An understatement if there is one. It’s pure spoiler when I say:
The bird was not actually Miss Peregrine, but the brother! How was her brother an enemy, by the way? How did the hollows come about? And how… can Jacob control them? And is Miss Peregrine truly dead from the beginning? I wanna know the end, so I’ll be reading the 3rd book right away.

Taken from my goodreads review.


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