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Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #3)

The story ends. The questions are answered. The past buried. But I’m gonna unearth them right now.

Here’s a list of all the good scenes/characters/stories that bears mentioning. As you know:

1) If any of you seen Fruits Basket anime series where Momiji-kun shared a story of ‘The Most Foolish Traveler in the World’, it’s sooooooo like Mother Dust. Literally.

Her unique power makes me cry. The people need her. When she acts on those needs, she loses herself little by little. The return of that need slowly kills her. And with her giving nature, it will be soon.

2) Horace’s scarf.

This was silly above all silliness. But it was heartwarming and heart-tugging. In the brink of despair and hopelessness, He went and made a scarf for Jacob to wear. A gift not to repay, but for friendship and camaraderie; a testament of all the things they’ve went through. (And it also saved Jacob’s life. Genius, Horace!)

3) Heads. This was the eeew factor for me. I know the book is not above to scare the reader (except the pictures), still it’s creepy.

Way above Ned Stark’s head. Good thing there wasn’t pictures to capture the imagination. Even when Jacob kicked a head, I could feel that human-skin nose (of course it’s human-ish skin!) just pressing on my big toe before it rolls on the grass. Just. eew. The hairs on my arms are raising.

4) Olive the brave. A dear peculiar. She so wants to join in on the fight. She only floats! What good can that do? It’s not like she can carry a wight far up and up and drop them. Like she could carry it way up! You can just feel her adrenaline coursing through her veins.

5) ALLLLLMAAAAAAA. Oh sibling rivalry. It doesn’t get any better than this. A jealous brother and an opportunist brother related to our very own Miss Peregrine. You can say that they started the story. I mean without them, there wouldn’t be a story. It was a perfect setup. You can feel the oozing hatred of Caul towards his sister. I couldn’t feel it much on the 2nd book, like is this guy for real? He’s the villain? A poor manifestation, if you ask me. But the 3rd installment just cemented it through my brain: he’s the bad guy. Yup, he acts like one. And Bentham, oh I can just see a lot of people with similar personality! He switches sides like changing clothes; anything that is favorable to him. His loyalty lies to whoever wins. I was surprised, but not too surprised when he helped Jacob then helped Caul then finally took a stand and chose whose side he’s supposed to be in: his self.

6.) Jacob’s first hollowgast.

Poor soul. Even I got emotional about it. The peculiars are using it not too ‘horribly’. And yet, I want to help it. I’m becoming a little Jacob on this, I think. Good thing Jacob didn’t gave it a name. I’d feel crushed too. When the hollow went inside that chamber to power on the pantaloopticon and howled in pain, I felt a little shame as if I was the one putting it to misery. And when Miss Peregrine said she’ll need the hollow too, I was torn. :/

7.) Jacob’s parents. They went typical-parent crazy. Hospitals, pills, psychologist; the works. I thought they would be accepting and deal with the things as they are. I was wrong. Definitely wrong. This is not the first time I’m happy I was wrong. Definitely thankful I got it alllll wrong.

If I don’t stop, the list is going a looooong way down. Before I do that and spoil almost everything, I want you to know how much I enjoyed the book. Adventure-wise, it’s there. Story-wise, definitely in here! You’ll have nothing besides a minute mystery on the 2nd book. This one is way better. It connects the dots from the first and second book. Everything becomes believable and the actions done of the 2 books are explain here. Fight scenes? Well, this part I wasn’t keen on but yeah it’s in here. Library of Souls? 🙂 I’m not about to share even a bit. Well, it wasn’t much a spectacular reveal for me however, I’ll let you dangle behind the title.

Taken from my review.

For the review on the two books:
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