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Pigeon tales in Milan

I feel so relieved to be a part of the so-called ‘Millennials’. It has been a spiteful word these days, what with the old people criticizing the way we do our jobs and run our lives. I am only thankful because God gave me parents who allowed me to navigate my path easier than theirs. And if I can travel a lot then by all means… why not?

She needs a new journal. ~ Dave Eggers

October. 2012. The start of what I can describe as ‘firsts’. A first of many.

A first step at Milan-Malpensa Airport

My first pigeon encounter!

Fly pigeons, Fly!

Pigeons are a rarity for me. Encountering a bunch of them is just overwhelming.

I sound like a tourist. Hell, I am one! ‘Travelers’ may condemn me to be so, but it’s not a matter of embracing their opinion. What counts is that I’m happy. 🙂

More posts of my visit in Milan will come soon!


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