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Lake Como

Still 2012. October. Not the end of the world.

Today, I show you Lake Como even though I don’t know f*** all about Lake Como. ~ Kristen Ashley

It’s the awaited tourist spot here in Como! Like Kyaaaaaa! Let me tease you first with my obviously tired face.

I used a smaller size. Okay, this is embarrassing. Let’s scroll down. >.<

From what I see, what’s special about the Lake is not only the body of water but also the land.

It’s the houses that fill the mountains, popping out among the vastness of green.

Just a few minutes boat ride to see the spectacular scenery.

The guide mentioned that George Clooney’s house is here somewhere. :/ Can’t find it.

Cruising along the waves. #lakecomo #italy

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I wish I was on the other side, instead of riding the boat. *Hello from the other side*

I hope someone can bring me along to his/her road trips on the mountains in Como. This is definitely a place one can visit over and over and over again. A month-long vacation will do me good!

But some good things come to an end. After the boat ride and a couple of walking tours, it’s back to the road we go. 😦 It took us hours (probably) to reach Como; and it felt like we just stayed a few minutes past an hour.

When you see road signs….it’s a sign. To move on.


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