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Swanific Lucerne

It’s only fair to have a duck for a featured image while the post is all about swans.

To ugly ducklings everywhere, don’t worry about those fluffy yellow morons: They’ll never get to be swans. ~  Zoë Marriott

All hail the duck!

*change topic*

When we were in Lucerne (Luzern), we purposely visited the lion (another post) and the Bucherer. Across Bucherer is no other than the lake! Where there’s a lake, there’s a

First a pigeon. Then a swan! It’s not everyday that I get to see one!

And look! There’s plenty of them!

They look so… regal, to me.

To be able to get close to them is like a dream I NEVER even dream of. Can’t help feeling like a National Geographic Channel photographer all of the sudden!

What kind of drama is this one up to?

Probably contemplating something deep. :/

Anyhow, on that day, I understood why a swan is naturally correlated to a ‘princess’ or the adjective ‘beautiful’. This creature is the perfect metaphor.

Even on water, the swan is a graceful dancer. I can already picture out ballet dancers prancing on the stage with Tchaikovsky’s music enveloping the whole scene.

I will miss this animal. It brought out my ‘artistic’ side.

Cheers to God’s wonderful creations! (and that includes the duck!)


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