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Lucerne in General

Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. ~ Carl Sagan

The sky was fair that time. A good day in Lucerne.

It’s pretty cold outside, so you see how I’m covered up.

But we weren’t always staying outside. Oh no, there’s one reason why we even went to Lucerne. It’s hard not to miss it:


Figured out what this is? I mean ‘Rolex’ alone is a giveaway. But Bucherer is already famous by itself.

And this crowd is proof of it. I can’t show you pictures of what’s inside but you can already imagine all the branded, expensive watches your eyes can ever set upon…and they’re all in there. For our souvenir, we a bough a little Swiss knife; the usual Victorinox and we even wept for the price.

After feasting our eyes with luxuries that are too much to handle, we went out.
Like, “get the ‘ell outta ‘ere!”

There’s more to see in this city. Sadly, further exploration is difficult because we had to stay with the pack. I mean group! See the twin pointed roofs sooo faraway from me and mum?

That’s the Church of St. Leodegar.

There’s the Chapel Bridge, or more aptly named Kapellbrücke. Tell me how to pronounce that. O.O

All in all, we just stayed around Bucherer for most of our visit. I’m content enough with what I see. I know there’s more to this busy city but you know what they say: there’s always a next time.

Goodbye Old Swiss House! We’ll always have the memories. 🙂


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