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Road to Titlis

the Swiss Alps were always an personal favourite of mine ~ Ida Pollock

I’ve never seen snow. But I was about to, in 2012, October. Luckily our group tour picked the very best place: Titlis. But like everyone else, I had to travel a long distance to see them.

Still I’m grateful despite the length of the journey. Just look at that sweeping landscape! A feast for the eyes. Our tour representative did say that we’ll be having a scenic drive. My imagination didn’t put the scenery to justice! My expectations have been well and over achieved!

I’d like to describe them as Swiss Cottages. It has a nice ring to it.

A lovely look of a house and railtracks.

To the city dwellers, imagine that: clean air! Damn hard to get by in the land of skyscrapers and smoke belch-ers.

I could feel that we’re getting near because of those snow-capped mountains. I admit, when you enjoy the view, time seems to run so fast. And before you know it, you’re already there.

That’s me. Feeling cold and *deep inside* excited!

There we were, unaccustomed to the harsh coldness of the weather.

Let’s end it all with a failed jump shot, haha

See you on my next post and I promise to give the white stuff 😉


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