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Green Titlis

I know, I know. You’re waiting for the fluffy white miracle; the one that Titlis is famous of.

That will just have to wait.

October. 2012. (Seriously, I sound like a broken record, repeating the date every single time) Did I mention that this was one of my most exciting month and year of my entire life? Not yet? Now you know. 🙂

The best place for a grand view is on the top.

Here’s a map for navigation around the mountains.

We’re absolutely ready for the ride!

The cable car is a convenient way to reach the top. With clear windows, it allows us to see the sweeping view we were all excited about!

See the sun reflecting on the glass/plastic (truthfully I don’t care what it was made of) window of the ‘car’.

As we go up and up, away from the ground, our excitement also rises.

(Can you please insert something inspirational to match the image of the ‘long and winding road’ with the thick clump of trees and a snow mountain backdrop like the cherry in your ice cream?)

On some areas, you can see the houses in between the trees.

Let’s take a closer look:

Now, what’s on the other side?

A sea of snow! It’s amazing to see patches of white on the green. Or is it patches of green on white?

That’s about most of what’s out there. And we’re taking our fill!

I could never get tired of this view. NEVER can I see this back home. Once we arrive on the top, I know the adventure has just started.

10000 feet, like WHAT THE FUDGE! >.<

And here we were, all smiles and ready to rock and roll!

When you’re high it’s tremendous. ~ Kay Redfield Jamison

I’m about to touch me some snow! (or not. stay tuned….)


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