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You’re in Innsbruck When…

The University City, as what people calls it. But we weren’t there to see the schools.

How do you know you’re in Innsbruck? Behold from the eyes of a tourist:

1. Cafe Munding is not to be missed.

2. Maria Augusta Trapp’s name (alongside other important names) inscribed outside Best Western Plus Hotel

3. St Anne’s Column is prominent.

Close up image, just to be sure.

4. The City Tower looks like this.

5. The Golden Roof, a famous symbol (To be honest, I thought it was the whole roof of the building.)

(It’s only a balcony)

6. The Imperial Palace looks like this.

Here’s a view when you’re inside.

7. And of course, no one must forget Swarovski! But that’s a tale for another post.

Now that we’ve covered that up, I’m ready to show you more of their town. See you on my next post as we continue to walk around the beautiful city of Innsbruck. 🙂

The walking tour guides one through the city’s various landmarks, reciting bits of information the listener might find enlightening. ~ David Sedaris


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