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Innsbruck’s Swarovski

I know, I know, I’ve been promising to show off Swarovski after the 2 posts. Not to fret, this is that post.

It’s all shining, shimmering and splendid; sparkling, flickering, glitters.

Prepare your sunglasses, you might need to protect your eyes. XD

Every jewel was protected by glass. The light illuminated their shapely beauty, emphasizing every detail.

The reflection bounced off from my camera. If you look closely, my lens is clear in the picture.

It is quite fascinating how accurate the designer follows real life.

And it shows on the price. Talk about 300 Euros! Ouch.

If you’re not interested on gems that are good only behind a glass, get ready for the wearable:

And if that’s not overwhelming enough, here’s something for you:

If that’s too mainstream, here’s a bit more…lavish.

The stairs were also glamorized.

Apparently, fragility extended to my fear of walking.

There’s a lot more displays than what I’ve shown you. The designs were varied and spectacular. Some were elegant, others were simple, and at times too extravagant. All in all, it’s a shopping for the elite. And I’m just a spectator; a window shopper.

When you’re in Innsbruck, make a stop at Swarovski. See the crystals in personal.

Last 2012, they have a showroom open for customers. Check it out if they still cater to such. After 5 years, there’s bound to be changes. 🙂

God expects men to handle women like Swarovski crystal, and not like Bridgestone tires. ~ Mary A. Kassian


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