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When the Vatican holds a Mass

OCTOBER 21, 2012. My birthday.

It does rather make you wonder what he did to merit sainthood, though, doesn’t it? ~ Diana Gabaldon

Also, Canonization Day. I forgot how many were to become saints on that day. I know there were more than 4. Of course, I’m a Filipino, so my focus was on Pedro Calungsod.

Actually, the focus of this post is not really on why Pedro Calungsod became a saint. You can all search about it in Google.

What I want you to know about is this:

That’s right, PEOPLE. Thousands of them! We flock to the one big event held by the former Pope Benedict XVI.

Why is the Pope pixelated?

Uh, hello??!???! Are you forgetting the crowd?

Because we couldn’t properly see the Pope, we had to make do with a telly. Hence you get a pixelated Pope.

With our pocket camera ready, we could only zoom in to take the shots.

But wait. Where am I exactly in this event?

Just right there.

With the heat of the sun blaring down on us, it was not really a good experience. Spanish nuns kept elbowing on us to enter the Vatican, saying “we have more saints than you do!” There were no seats available. Overall, I was truly stressed out.

However, you cannot miss the feeling of being part of something huge. I can say that “I was there! I was actually there!” Despite the crazy crowd, the mass was pure and solemn. When the time of silence was asked, everyone kept silent. When the singing started, everyone sang along. When the Pope said “let us pray”, we bowed our heads and prayed.

After the mass, it was very difficult to find a place for us to eat. Thank God we found one. A few seconds later, the 2 guys sat across us, sharing a table. While we were eating,  the 2 of  them were fiddling with their camera, taking selfies. All of a sudden, the camera faced towards us and ‘flash!’ The guys snapped a photo of me and my sis. Embarrassed, they finally asked permission if they could take a photo with us. We gave in. 🙂

October 21 didn’t end up as bad as the morning. The relaxing afternoon did help a lot.

This once in a lifetime moment is a day I will never forget.



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