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Vatican City on a Normal Day

…for the first time in history the Vatican City was declared a sovereign city-state, so that it is now both a city and a country… ~ David W. Daniels

So many tourists visit the Vatican city. On October 22, 2012, I was a part of those tourists.

Although there weren’t many people compared to the day before, the place wasn’t precisely empty.

Everyone was roaming around, taking pictures here and there. And like I said, I was among those “everyone”.

One time we passed by a woman who was bowing down, either by prayer or for money. I’m not one to understand the workings in this city so I truly can’t explain her… position.

It’s amazing how these structures were built.

I felt like I just time-traveled.

Then the sculptures. Now this, is Europe.

And surely as proof that one is really really really in the Vatican, one can’t miss this guy:

If you’re curious about what he’s staring at, let’s look at a bigger picture:

Haha, this is waaay irrelevant than what’s supposed to be in this post.

Anyway, when you don’t have thousands of people packed in a tiny place, the Vatican city is actually spacious.

It became easier to take a picture with the fountain.

For my next post, watch out as I show you what’s inside the famous St. Peter’s Basilica.


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