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Rome: the Places I Know

Let’s turn back time once more and join me down on my memory lane: 2012

What’s with post’s title? Well, I took photos of places that we all know are the trademarks of Rome. Some places, I’m not familiar with. But that’s gonna be covered on the next post. For this one, I want to show you where in Rome were hounded by lots of tourists. Still do, today.

First: The Colosseum.

More than rocks and stones. #coloseum #rome

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History is so much interesting when you see it with your eyes.

I hadn’t went inside. A bummer. But I console myself to the image of what I’ll likely see if I did get to go inside: stones. rocks. Just pick a pebble on the shore.

Second: Fontana di Trevi

Of course, we did that “throwing a coin over your left shoulder” thing. Any visitor would.

As you can observe, the famous fountain was jam packed with people from all over the world. It’s impossible to take a picture without human heads in it.

Third: The Spanish Steps

I can only guess how abhorrent this is for Kungfu Panda’s Po.

I myself couldn’t reach the top. It wasn’t really that tiresome. It was just hot up there.

A few rungs up, you can see the people sitting on the stairs. Some of them walking around. This view is a human version of ants. How about we join them? 🙂

Can you find me?

…you sure you won’t come with us? You’ll always have a place in New Rome. ~ Rick Riordan

This ancient city never bore anyone. Rome, aside from the ‘slow ruin’ as told in history, will always be portrayed as the place of great people. I will brave the multitude of visitors just to see it again.


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