Book Reviews


Why I picked this book

It was that time of the month to visit my favorite bookshop. As usual, I skip the ‘young adults’ section (convincing myself that I oh so grew out of it); zigzagged my way to ‘suspense’, ‘thriller’, and ‘mystery’. Never heard of Thomas Enger but the If you clear my name I’ll tell you who killed your son just did it for me.

Two sentences summary

A convict framed up for murder makes a deal with a journalist to find the real killer in exchange for information. That critical information rocked some boats and the deal became a one-way relationship.  

My favorite characters

Thorlief is an amazing character. He’s believable. His actions are what made me want to continue reading. In such a short time, his development flourishes in my eyes and is evident by the changing events. I see him in a normal life. I see him when he becomes agitated. I see him freaking out. I see his brain working on the possibilities. I see his sweat excreting of his pores. I see him flea. I see his lapse of alertness. I see his guard down. Then I watch him panic. I watch his struggle. I watch him overcome his fear. Then I fear for his life. I feel the hopelessness.

My favorite scenes

  1. Definitely when the blackmailer aimed the gun on Thorlief and ordered him to run over a man. I really thought he’d cave. Thorlief was crying and crying as he closed his eyes and sped up, thinking that being blind of his soon-to-be crime could lessen the guilt. But he swerved!
  2. Thorlief ran away like an expert! Haha, he outsmarted his blackmailers! He became a loose end. He was on the loose. A triumphant goal…for a while.
  3. Careful for this one. SPOILER. The death of Tore the convict was a pivotal point since Juul was obviously dragging along the pages. He wasn’t up to his best to figure out how Tore was setup. But when Tore collapsed, it triggered something in Juul. Investigative journalism activated! The hunt was on!
  4. SPOILER. Guess who the killer is. A woman! It goes to show that this kind of killing is not restricted to a certain gender. What’s good for the goose…well. It was also amazing how Juul figured out the most important clues: the clock the tshirt. You should read the book to know what I’m talking about.
  5. When every page focused entirely on Tore’s case, there’s this silent nagging to come back on the topic of the ‘fire’. With Tore dead, how can we truly know what happened to Juul’s son? Do you know what the author did? SPOILER. He leaves it hanging.

What I don’t like

  1. I don’t think I warmed up to Juul’s character. Or Iver’s. And to think, they’re the main characters. I’m not trying to say that their actions showcased the wrong way of how journalists should attack the problem. I don’t know a thing of investigative journalism. Somehow, I think it’s the whole package. Or it’s only me.
  2. And I hate that the fire thing left only one clue to get by.
  3. Then the title could do some work. It was only relatable by about 10%. After that, there’s this aura of who cares? going around the place.
  4. SPOILER. The author killed my favorite character. No reason required.

Last words

As a whole, the book was a great whodunnit read to pass the time and to keep the mind juggling. I feel like I don’t need to read the first book. For that purpose, that’s a point in the book’s favor. In my opinion. The book doesn’t introduce people with a need for an intense look of their background. Aside from the fire problem, the events speak for the character’s development.

I urge you to read the next book. Please. For my sake. I can’t find that book here so I’m left to wonder on my own. And I will keep on wondering as more questions pile up.


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