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Rome: the Places I didn’t Know

Are you ready to join me discover new ‘old’ places of Rome?

It’s a big city and I need some assistance. Starting off:

Narrow Streets

This little road, if I remember correctly, is another passage way to the Spanish steps.

Shades of orange on this road leading to who knows where.

Across the Trevi Fountain is another street…full of foreigners.

A highway somewhere in Rome

Ancient Structures

I have no idea of the names of these ruins. I’m sure these were not particularly covered in my History class.

Bell Towers and Columns

I have a feeling that this was not actually a tourist spot.

Fact check: almost all European countries have columns for religious purpose most of the time.

Imposing Buildings

I can only guess that these structures belongs to the government.

And are NOT a tourist attraction.

Piazza Navona

This square was a surprising delight for me.

Firstly, the fountain caught my attention.

A beautiful piece, we were actually tired from all the walking and this fountain provided us a venue to rest.

Surrounded with such beauty.

And before I forget, this place boasts the area of natural artists!

Until this day, my caricature is plastered on our fridge.

Welcome to another world

Lastly, this ancient scene is what I loved the most. I feel like I’m in Rome a few A.D.s back. I felt so out of place wearing my modern clothes. The trees are perfect, the orange colored buildings held a charm of antiquity and…it’s just the whole aura.

If you’re ever in Rome, don’t just be somewhere that are pretty much a common tourist-y places. Explore other sites, and you might just find yourself transported back in time.




4 thoughts on “Rome: the Places I didn’t Know”

  1. I recognized some of the places you showed but I don’t recall the names either. In the end it’s more important you having a great time than knowing the names of the streets you wandered, I think.

    Rome is such a walkable city and is so great to get lost in. Often you find the best things by getting lost.
    Any plans of going back? I was there a few years ago and really want to go back.

    1. You’re absolutely right, I enjoyed the walks!

      When did you visit Rome? The pictures were taken October 2012. And no plans yet to go back, although I want to. It’s not easy to travel to Europe esp. since I’m from the Philippines. 😦 That’s why these memories are so important to me.

      1. I went to Rome last time three years ago. Time to go back. Hopefully you get there again at some point.

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