Book Reviews

The Murder House

Why I picked this book

Have you seen Rose Red? It’s the only horror movie/series that didn’t scare me. A little bit, but not to the point that I’ll lose my sleep. Maybe because I was focused on the characters. I was looking for answers to what happened and not on what was happening. Throw in the loop a mysterious mansion and everything was just perfect.

When I saw the words Murder and House in one book, I was hooked. Immediately. Could the vibe be similar to Rose Red? Check. Do the killings connect to the house? Check. Is there a history about the house? Check. Written by a famous author? Double Check! James Patterson! How could I not pick this book? It was a must!

Two sentences summary

A detective tries to solve a series of murders in and near the mansion; both past and present. She has yet to realize her biological connection to the killer’s beliefs.

My favorite characters

Noah. Oh I hated him at first; having an affair with a married woman! But from the moment he was first introduced, he didn’t show much of a ‘killer instinct’. What I liked about his character is the acceptance to reality. He went to prison? Fine. He was framed up when he was a little boy? That was a long time ago. The justice system apologized profusely to him for throwing him to prison? It’s okay. If I were being honest, it’s not an admirable attitude. But that’s the kind of a man who’s common and believable. I can see him being…real. Oh, I know a lot of ‘yes’ guys. 🙂

When he saw an opportunity to help and to find answers, he was willing to go the distance. He didn’t took a grudge. He moved on. Still, he was a bit of naive to take all the blame just so he upholds his principle of I don’t rat on anybody which was bonkers. But a guy with principles? That’s good enough for me.

My favorite scenes

There is no favorite scene. What I like is the answering questions that were in need of answers. It was more on Jenna’s discovery of bits and pieces of details. How are the murders connected to each other? Are they caused by different killers or by one? Why was it called ‘murder house’? What happened in the past that had her parents running away? What was her connection to the house?

I love how she uncovers the clues. I love that her perspective sometimes divert our (we, readers) attention. When we thought we’ve almost grasped the truth, her inner turmoil brings us back to square one. So you see why she isn’t my favorite character?

Another favorite is the narration of the mansion’s history. I like the idea of the ‘cursed’ house. I like the twist of the story about Jenna and the people who lived in that house. Also, I like how Jenna’s intuition tried to confuse us from the truth and how confused the other characters were. She tried to juggle our minds on killerS and paired them up: Aiden and Isaacs? Or Isaacs and Noah? Or Aiden and Noah? I was trying to guess the same!

And the ending? It wasn’t action-filled but I could almost feel the emotions of every characters seeping out of the pages. Noah was struggling to understand, especially on the information he was holding on to. And Jenna had her own conclusions. Then along came Justin. Oh I knew he was up to something. You see, the author described the killer as charming, quite shy and reserved, but approachable. Bingo, Justin has all those things. I wasn’t surprised but it was equally satisfying to be correct.

What I don’t like

  1. Writing style.  It kept jumping from different perspective but still retain the first person narration (Jenna’s) and I was getting confused. Took a long time to grew in me. After that, I learned how to switch from one person to another.
  2. Isaacs’ character was created as such to deceive us, readers! But I guess we can call ourselves semi-professional readers, we can totally detect a dummy character.

Last words

Took me a while to finish the book, but the weekend came along and I got the chance to do so. Now, here I am, with this review. 5 Stars for this book.




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