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The Doors in Assisi

Here we go again. The I-don’t-know-why-I-took-this-picture time. You have to forgive me. This happened almost 5 years ago (and I’m still amazed), who knows what was in my head that time.

Moving on, we were still in the lovely Italy. My entire trip in Europe was mainly focused on it. After Rome, what else was there to see? Like I said, the perks of belonging to a group of tourists is the unnecessary worry of what to do next. It turned out we were going to St. Francis’ hometown: ASSISI.

Let’s have a clear look at what’s written above.To anyone who can understand it, I salute you. (Can you share what it means, please?)

See the entrance? It’s already in a form of a door. A portal, if you will. To be exact, the name is:

Assisi is not an easy place to visit. It’s sort of… uphill. Like, on the mountains and not truly in the mountains. (I’ll show the view of the city later.) I’ll show you the “entrance” of the entrance. Get ready. It’s not as stone-age as you might think:

You are seeing it right: AN ESCALATOR.

A freaking escalator. To Assisi. Color me surprised.

Once you step foot on the place, you’re actually travelling back in time. Remember I mentioned ‘stone-aged’? Clearly I don’t have a contextual and chronological clue to what I’m saying.  ‘Stone Age’ is kind of… a bc thing.

Judging on the life of St. Francis, welcome to the 10th~11th Century. (with a modern touch)

Stop right there. I DID promise that this post is all about doors. Here it goes:

another door

Had enough? Here’s one more:

The only cure to all this madness; is too dream, far and wide, if possibility doesn’t knock, create a damn door. ~ Nikki Rowe

Alright. I’m not doing justice on Assisi. But, you all know me. You know I’ll be making another post or two about this place, so rest assured, you’ll be seeing more.

Assisi, it’s not over yet!


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