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That Spectacular Drive to Assisi

You can tell how detached Assisi is to modernization. It has this air of timelessness. Or time standing still. But on that day, when our tour guide said we were going to there, I wasn’t expecting much. What is in Assisi? I never heard of it being a tourist spot. Because I didn’t do any research. And you know what? It was definitely better that I didn’t.

If I can reassess this trip again, looking at it with a new set of fresh eyes, I had to be squinting on the view right in front me, trying to get a bigger picture of it. Bunch of houses, sure. Nothing special.

Then a slightly larger picture comes out:

And the view was suddenly clear to me. ~ Kevin Barry

Road to #assisi

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How can there be more words to describe this view? It’s totally indescribable! I just, I just can’t. I’m out of vocabularies.

See that ancient building over there? With the help of UNESCO, our children and our children’s children will still be able to ‘feel’, ‘see’ and ‘visit’ history. And not just read it in textbooks.

But. That’s a post for another time. 🙂


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