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A hurried look of Paris

He enjoyed driving, and always went into Paris by car. ~  Benoît Peeters

So. Our travel agency booked us on a drive around Paris. Not the best way to go, but then who was I to know what’s best and what’s not?

You see that smile? It’s the kind of smile who’s looking forward for a spectacular tour around Paris. Get ready folks, it’s gonna be one uneventful drive.

Oh, by the way, I have NO IDEA of the names of the buildings and the roads and other places I’ve pictured. Forgive me for this scattered/scrambled post. >.<

Unidentified building. Please name me.

Let me explain how this works. The tourist guide is our driver. She drives around Paris, explaining a scripted detail after detail of every location we see on the windshield. Yes, people, a windshield. It’s like looking on a television, except you’re actually there.

By the gift of the camera, I can tell you that this is the ACADEMIE NATIONALE DE MUSIQUE. Googled it, and it’s actually the Palais Garnier.

There’s actually a meaning of each…design on the building. Wikipedia told me. 😉


Here’s a closer look. The shiny gold angelic statue on the top is the Gumery Harmony. In honor of the French Sculptor, perhaps.
See that arc below it? That’s another praise for another French man named Petit.
Those bust like statues are (left to right) Evrard Rossini, Chabaud Auber, and Chabaud Beethoven.

On this side, the golden sculpture represents Gumery Poetry. (All these details I know, from the wiki.)

Okay, enough of this building. Let’s move on:

If you’re an ignorant like me, you’ll wonder if once upon a time, this structure was for some Greek or Roman god. It’s actually a Catholic Church. Color me surprised.

(Okay, so I rely much on wiki for information. I don’t think I listened well to the tourist guide/driver. See how useless it happened to be?)

Here’s another structure with a dome that I don’t know about.


Now, how about some roads? What does Paris look like in an ordinary day?

Perfectly uneventful. Not too busy.

It’s almost peaceful.

I envy their wide roads.

Where I live, we don’t have much of that.

If I remember correctly, our tour guide mentioned that some places are not for strolling. It’s not permitted.

If I’m not mistaken, we took the Pont Alexandre III.

A beautiful bridge crossing the river.

It’s a shame we haven’t walked around here.

Hey look, the Vendôme column.

When do we actually stop somewhere? When can we get out of the car and explore the place by foot? There’s a lot of places I would have loved to stop by.

The Army Museum is one.

This place, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel is another spot.



This beautiful place I’ve been wanting to visit. Why it wasn’t part of the itinerary, I have no idea. When I come back to Paris, I’m not gonna miss visiting this. This will be a top priority.

You may wonder why I didn’t include the Arc de Triomphe in Champs, Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower. Don’t worry, they belong to another post. Although, I’m afraid it’ll be uneventful too. 😦 However, they deserve to be singled out!

So, there it is. A glancing look in one of the historic places on Earth. A glimpse. I hope you’ve learned something in this post. NO DRIVING. WALK, for goodness sake.



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