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Universal Studios Singapore: 2014

The year is 2014. And I was in Singapore! More precisely, in the Universal Studios!

Goodness, where do I start? First of all, please remember that this is 2014. Of March. Any new stuffs going on will not be covered here. That may seem, well this post is pretty useless however you’ll definitely appreciate how the theme park looks like TODAY. It’s been THREE years. There has to be changes. Or… is there?

I, for one, was disappointed because the extreme roller coaster was inactive.

I have heard of this legendary ride, and it’s freaking not available! Just my luck.

What else is available if not for this? I say… plenty!

Alright, enough about rides. Here, I welcome you to the streets of Universal Studios!

The area screams oldie vibes. And I love it!

Just look at the buildings!

Here’s more:


Universal Studios has created a place where we can turn back time and experience the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the good old days. However, I can definitely tell you that this was not the ONLY theme going on.

How about a futuristic setting?

Ready to take the ride?

Put your glasses on! It’s gonna be bumpy!

In another area, we were visiting Egypt!


Let’s take a step back and imagine what life is there in the fairy tale world.

Off to Far Far Away!

You ready to come in? Coz I sure am!



Want a life of fantasy? Well, you’ve got it!

Now we leave that magical world behind and look for other places.

Juuuuuurassic Park! It’s crazy, but the theme song of this movie franchise was kept looping and playing on every speakers you can find. It’s hard not to hum along.

Look who’s coming to scare us all!


To the person who designed the making of the raptor… I salute to you. It really really really looks legit.

No, there are no REAL live dinosaurs.

To the last and final theme, the rusty Waterworld!

Come on in. It’s even waaay cooler.

Tada! Oops, my face is on the way.

There, a clear view of the set.

Yes, people do get wet from time to time. Especially on the front rows. But it’s an unavoidable spill.

There you have it! Universal Studios all in one post.

Salute to the people behind this magnificent tourist spot!

Okay, paraphrasing my original question, what does Universal Studios Singapore look like today?

…rush toward the first wish you could think of, and you, like so many others, chose the cold and artificial pleasures of the theme park. ~ John Green




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