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Singapore’s Aquarium

Hey there people! It’s been a long time. I was caught up in…life. And picture editing!

April 2017: Resorts World Sentosa announced the renovation of their aquatic attraction and promised to finish it by the end of the year. No fish sight seeing for 8 months. Sad.

Before you look forward with the ‘new look’, let us go back to 2014. I hope I took an adequate amount of pictures to show you what it looked like. Come along and we will remember it together!

Once you got it, you’re going to feel like you’re under the sea. Well, that’s what I felt.

Everything and everywhere is blue.

I hope you’re not tired of seeing this color.

If you look very very closely, you’ll see familiar and famous fishy characters.

( Note to people: please, please don’t keep fishes like these as pets. )

Another fascinating aspect of the SEA is the GIGANTIC AQUARIUM. Of course, everything is inside the aquarium but not like this one:

While there are fishes to be seen, there’s also sunken ships to make it more an ideally sea-ish.

And I am not forgetting the cylindrical type too!

It’s amazing how they shape these glass containers that doesn’t obstruct our viewing. I mean, the corals are beautifully placed.

But what I truly like about the SEA Aquarium is the jellyfishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

The color emitted by the jellyfishes are actually not their own. They are transparent, translucent. So, if you’re tired of the blue hue, here’s something red for you:

I am like the fish in the aquarium, thinking in a different language, adapting to a life thatโ€™s not my natural habitat. ~ David Levithan

Is it okay to trap them in a glass, always a spectacle to look at by us, humans? Is it okay to keep them here, imprisoned forever? To be prodded and tested? In truth, I don’t know. A lot of gray areas between right and wrong. Because… I won’t be able to see these wonderful sea creatures without an attraction like the SEA Aquarium. I won’t be able to know what’s under the sea. For sure, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel show them to us but come on. Compare a tv from an actual thing. It’s totally different! The experience is different. Scientists can now show to us in plain sight of their research. They educate us not in those boring books. And I also like to think that a place like the SEA Aquarium, do genuinely care for the fishes.

Come this December, the SEA Aquarium will once again open for locals and tourists. If you visit there, tell me how different it looks. ๐Ÿ™‚


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