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Artistic Side of Singapore

Once again we’re back at 2014, exploring the beauty of Singapore. Or more likely, the artists of Singapore.

Welcome to their Art Museum!

A satisfying proof that you’ve been here will be the sticker “I AM MADE FOR SAM”

When the visit’s over, the people just stick it on a nearest post. Well, that says much about one of the cleanest places of the world.

Moving on, SAM features lots and lots of displays that doesn’t need a real connosieur of arts to appreciate them. Like…. if you show me an abstract painting, I can DEFINITELY not see the value of it.

Often times a description is placed beside the art to help us feel what the artist wants us to feel.

But for something like this, it was SOOOO obvious and SOOOO beautiful. If you haven’t guessed what it’s made of, it’s actually an accumulation of NAILS. Yep, that’s right. A representation of chromatic coral reefs made of nails.

This here is another interesting piece. I forgot what it is, but it’s absolutely awesome. Here’s a few more for your eyes.


Now this melting spectacle caught my eye.

A beautiful idea that seriously needs recognition.

There’s so much more to see in the Singapore Art Museum but I guess it’s time to drill down to the whole idea of 2014 art:

I am committed to practicing Right Livelihood so that I can help reduce the suffering of living beings on Earth and reverse the process of global warming. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I love how artists don’t just wallow in their own world but also take into consideration the real world. We all know that Global Warming is a real threat and we all need to be hyper aware about it. We cannot just brush it aside and wait for scientists and government officials to do something about it.

I give this place a thumbs up approval. Now go and check it out. What do you think is the theme for 2017?


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