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Obviously Singapore!

Hello there, tourists, travelers and the like! (And no, I’m not saying hello to backpackers because I know this is not the first thing they’ll want to visit)

Is it possible to miss Marina Bay Sands when you’re in Singapore? I bet you not! Although this place is SCREAMING expensive, its astounding structure is a sight for all.

To those who aren’t “inside” this megastructure–whether it’s a lost chance or you just can’t afford it– you’re like me. 2014 and I don’t have the funds to go in this skyscraper. So what do I do? Well, stare at this the view.

It’s not bad to see it from afar. It’s actually fantastic!

Wanna get closer? Ride a boat.

Or better yet, use the helix bridge.

Take a leisurely walk.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably raise your head up.

If you’re like me — without a gopro, without the drones, without the DSLR — you’ll get pictures like this.

And it’s not all that bad.

Now, don’t forget about the GARDENS BY THE BAY.

Another better way to admire its beauty is during the night.

At a certain time, the ‘dancing’ lights accompanied by some loud music will entertain you for free! See? It doesn’t suck to be on the outside.

Even the Marina Bay Sands looks elegant in the dark.

I know these destinations are the most cliche place to visit. But maybe it stands as it’s supposed to be: a gigantic and magnificent cliche. If I say Paris, you say ‘Eiffel Tower’. If I say Australia, you say ‘Sydney Opera House’. If I say Rio de Janeiro, you say ‘Christ the Redeemer’. If I say Malaysia, you say ‘Petronas Towers’.

So, if I say Singapore, what do you say?

Wake me up when we get to Singapore. ~ Annie Seaton


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