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The Unwanted Wife

Why I picked this book

The books I read before this, were dark and grim. Nasty, evil and bloody. I wanted a light read for a change. One that doesn’t make me stress out.

I forgot how I stumbled on The Unwanted Wife. I guess it was the title that caught me. Why marry a woman you hate? This was definitely a no brainer, like a Harlequin book.

My initial reaction is that the plot would be so-so. Some ridiculous issue that doesn’t need me to think deep. Just the way I like it.

Two sentences summary

After almost 2 years of icy marriage, the wife wants a divorce but the husband demands a son first. And it looks like they both might get what they think they want.

My favorite characters

Theresa Noble, obviously! Praise for being strong! The time of the weak is over. Stop with the pity.

My favorite scenes

Is it too masochist to love the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, tear-jerker scenes? There’s pages and PAGES of it. I believe the author wants the reader to have tissues on our side. It’s definitely overloaded with emotionally draining moments.


“I have no respect for you, Theresa, not even as a potential mother of my child, because quite frankly you can’t even do that right.” Ouch. Claws out for our heroine and I love how she lashed out. That damn hurts, what he said. If I were her, I would have reacted the same thing. And afterwards.. oh goodness my heart was tearing apart.

The telephone call that explained it all. Of course I’m talking about Sandro’s call to Theresa’s father. That the marriage was all business. No love. Well, not exactly. Just one-sided. Now Theresa knows. She knows the marriage is fake. A tear slipped on my eye. *wipes off that same tear*

Sandro gate-crashed Theresa’s safe haven. This was immediately after Sandro learns the truth. That his wife knew nothing about the business deal. He went to Rick’s and Lisa’s place where Theresa stays often. Everything he’s doing…is just too late. Every move looks insincere, every caring act is just that. An act.

“You know what it’s like when you have an overwhelming urge to scrape the touch, the smell, the very essence of someone off your skin, don’t you? After all, that’s what you usually do thirty seconds after your orgasm, and I can finally relate to that.” You go girl! If the claws don’t work, a wordy-fight will do.

The football game dressed as a business dinner. Oh you Sandro, bad boy! It’s too late! Can’t you see; all your efforts to make the marriage ‘work’ seem worthless! Like you’re doing good deeds ONLY when it suits your needs. The worst move ever. I hated Sandro here. Doesn’t matter that he’s trying to make their relationship work. It’s just too little too late. You can’t erase a year and a half of pain with one football night!

All cards laid during lunch. Finally, Sandro reveals the reason why he married her. It hurts even worse. I feel for Theresa. I want to slap Sandro so bad! Slap him left, right, a big Shoryuken!

Theresa reveals her pregnancy. There you have it folks. It looks like in 9 months, they can now get a divorce. I feel happy for Theresa. I feel so good that Sandro feels bad. Oh he knows that time is running out. I’m just glad he realized it and Theresa is becoming an empowered woman.

No girl names for the baby! Okay, so I’m guessing this is about time we sympathize with Sandro. He’s doing everything alright to keep the marriage. It’s clear that he regrets the way he has treated Theresa for the past year and a half. But his new found ‘love’ for Theresa is too much of a work. Why do we cherish something and someone only when we’re about to lose them?

Nonna saying bad things to Theresa. Another arrow to the heart! It hurts how Sandro has made Theresa an enemy in the eyes of his Italian family. It was all his doing. He planted that idea to them. And of course it grew. He’s trying to turn things around. But it’s not that simple. It’s never simple. Eighteen months of emotional abuse? How can you get over that?

Baby Girl. Damn. That means no divorce. When Theresa didn’t immediately reach for the baby, it hurts to be Sandro. It hurts to be Theresa. Another failure. Theresa feels like she can’t do anything right. My heart is hurting again. But you know what? There’s a silver lining here. It means…Sandro has time to make things right. He now has an excuse to turn their marriage into something real. All he has to do is to make Theresa love him again. Love him the way she always have.

Theresa accepts her ‘bleak’ fate. I think this is the most agonizing surrender ever. Sandro can accept Theresa’s ferocious anger, cutting words or even her flinching movements every time he approaches her. But for her to accept that everything is all her fault? To accept and forgive Sandro for not loving her? This defeated awareness is a challenging opponent to break down. What’s there to fight when there’s only one fighter?

“I want you to trust me with your heart, Theresa” Difficult, difficult.

What I don’t like

Well, there’s not much to hate. I mean, the grovelling is superb. A grade of A+. Do I need to hate Sandro? In truth, yes. I didn’t like him. Still don’t at the end of the book. But you know what, it’s good that I hate him. It keeps the anger fresh. It helps us relate to Theresa; to feel her fury, her rage. And then her breaking heart.

Last words

I love the emotional roller coaster. In some books, it’s the plot that drives the interest. For this, I love how the characters make the whole book interesting. You just want to be a part of the people. You want to console Theresa, to be there for her. At the same time, you want to tell Sandro to not give up. You want them both to have the marriage they deserve.You’ll be rooting for them both.

I guess, that’s what a good book is all about. The contradiction of feelings. The point where you can’t put the book down because you want to know what happens next. When you connect to these characters and invest in them, that’s a point for the author.

Believe me, I was totally invested; Heart, mind and tears.



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